Newton Group Marketing is a local premium marketing company, founded by professional marketing specialist Greg Newton. The company specializes in delivering sharp, high-quality marketing services for your business.


Personal Touch, High Quality Work & Strong Marketing Results For Your Business


As expert Jay Abraham puts it, the engine of every company is marketing.

Having a professional marketer in your corner can make all the difference between struggling with your start-up and building a strong, profitable business.




1. Trusted Professional Expertise & Business Knowledge
Greg comes from a background in Marketing Management and entrepreneurship business training, and has spent several years working in the corporate sales and marketing field. Over the past 6 years he has worked with a large number of small-to-medium sized businesses to (a) raise over $5 million in bank financing, (b) increase sales by up to 300% with online marketing and (c) create effective marketing materials with a strong focus on results.

2. Highly Personalized Service With Exceptional Support
As a freelance marketing specialist I offer you exceptional one-on-one personalized service and full, reliable support. This ensures that you will receive full attention and 100% support throughout the entire process – all at no additional cost.

3. Fast Turnaround Time with Sharp, Reliable Results
Whether you are looking to apply for a loan, develop a marketing strategy or build a fast, clean website, Newton Group Marketing specializes in (a) fast turnaround times and (b) effective results. No fluff or payments for things you don’t need – only quality work that gets right to the heart of your business’ needs to take you to the next level.



Newton Group Marketing offers a range of marketing services, from internet marketing to business plan writing services. Please click on the service that you are looking for:



Newton Group stands behind superb quality work and brings a high track record of sales success for past clients. We are committed to providing you maximum value and fast turnaround times to help you achieve your unique business goals.


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Have an idea you’re ready to launch? Need financing to grow your company? Every project, business and website is unique, and the precise cost and steps moving forward are often case-by-case. In your free consultation you will gain:

  • Professional marketing advice in moving to the next step of your business
  • Free Business Analysis – what mistakes to avoid and opportunities to grasp in your unique stage
  • Free quote on the services you require, and how long it will take

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