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Looking for a Toronto Business Plan Writer for Your Business?

As a business plan professional, I prepare detailed, professional plans for business owners to help achieve your financial goals:

  • Apply for a BDC Loan

  • Get a bank loan or line of credit for your business

  • Attract new potential investors

  • Create a strong business plan for your management team


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Why Clients Choose Me

To get results. I know from experience what loan managers are looking for in a business plan and what red flags to avoid. Each month a high percentage of my clients successfully get funded. Start-up is the most critical stage of your business so it’s important that you get your business plan right.


About Me

Greg Newton - Business Plan Writer

Greg Newton - Business Plan Writer

I am professional business plan writer of 8 years, where I help local Toronto companies and businesses throughout Canada and the US. Each month I help businesses successfully get bank/BDC funding, to advance their business goals. My background is in marketing and sales, as well as technical writing. I have a physics degree from UBC and have worked directly in both my own start-ups and the corporate business environment prior to founding Newton Group Marketing.


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The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Business Plan Writer

A well-developed, actionable business plan is the key to successfully getting funded, whether it's an app development company, restaurant or hair boutique. As a business owner, you may not have the time or resources writing a business plan as thoroughly as with expert help. This is where a business plan writer comes in. As a skilled professional, I help you turn your ideas and projections into a concise, results-driven plan to present to investors or financiers and successfully land funding.

I also help business owners review and rework old business plans, as well as add expanded scope to your vision.


Quality Work, Each Plan Carefully Handcrafted

In an industry where so many business plans are rushed out the door, contain errors, or are copy-pasted into templates, it's important when writing a business planto find an experienced writer who fully understands your business and handcrafts your plan from scratch. I work closely with you through every step of the process and do all the heavy lifting – to make sure you end up with the best possible plan that maximizes your chances of getting funding.


Content: What Does the Plan Contain?

I offer 3 different business plan packages which vary on detail depending on your specific needs. That being said, all plans include the following key sections:

  • Product/service description - including product segmentation analysis

  • Market research analysis – including target market size and industry analysis

  • Financial projections - 3-year pro-forma sales projections

  • Competitive analysis – Including competitive advantage, SWOT analysis

  • Sales & Marketing Plan – How you will meet stated revenue goals

  • Operations – Location, staffing, production process


Pricing: How Much Does This Cost?

My business plan writing fees are between $1,900-3,900. Choose from 3 different business plan packages to best meet your funding needs. depending on the type and depth of plan you require.


Turnaround Time: How Long Does a Plan Take to Write?

Turnaround times are typically between 2-3 weeks, however I work with clients to reach specific deadlines or fast turnaround times, depending on your situation.


What Industries Have I Served?

Over the past 8 years I’ve helped clients through a multitude of various industries, sub-sectors – from B2C to B2B, and from small single locations to multi-location franchises. Past client industries include:

  • Beauty salons

  • Restaurants

  • Children’s daycares

  • App development

  • Gaming software

  • Retail stores

  • Industrial fabrication

  • Auto services

  • Photography and videography studios

  • Yoga studios

  • eGaming centres

  • Food product manufacturers

  • Trucking companies

  • Fitness sporting good stores and brands

  • Real estate agencies

  • Accounting / bookkeeping and mortgage firms

  • Elderly care services

  • Real estate investing

  • Import / export companies

  • And more


How I Help My Clients

1) See Your Business Objectively – Many business owners are immersed in the nitty gritty details of their business, and often struggle to clearly and concisely describe their business without getting bogged down. I help to clearly summarize key areas of your target market, services and competitive advantage.

2) Financial Projections – Your financial projections are the most important part of your plan. They have to match with the amount of funding you will request, while also being reasonable and attainable. I help to create projections with industry benchmarks, and show how your marketing and sales plan will allow you to successful reach these numbers. I also sync your revenue projections with cash flow requirements, to ensure the business maintains healthy cash flow with funding.

3) Full Market Analysis – With access to professional market research databases, I compile all the key industry metrics and trends that affect your business. Market analysis also quantifies and categorizes your market size, to show the potential of your business in comparison to your competition. A strong market analysis section demonstrates you thoroughly know your industry, and how you fit in it.

4) Free up More Time to Devote to Your Business – Business plans are time-intensive, and can take the business owner away from the endless list of tasks already on your plate with your business. By outsourcing the business writing to a professional, it frees up your time to focus on your business and successfully reach your deadline.

5) Receive Professional Guidance – As a business plan professional, I can quickly identify  red flags in your business plan that may prevent you from receiving funding. I will recommend changes that will help minimize risk in the eyes of the investor, and highlight the strengths of your business. I also guide you through the process of obtaining needed price quotes, location details, and other key business information for your start-up/growth phase.


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