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THE IMPORTANCE OF FUNDING - As you already know, funding is the key ingredient to get your start-up business off the ground. Whether to purchase needed equipment, cover start-up costs or expand your growing business. My expertise lies in this stage of business development, where each month I help clients successfully land between $50,000 - $3 million in bank / BDC funding.


WHAT'S REQUIRED - But before a lending agency can give you funding, they must properly understand your business, see the commercial viability and assess the risk/reward of the investment. This is where the expertise of a professional business plan writer comes in.

MY ROLE - When writing a business plan, my job is to present your business to the reader so they quickly (a) understand your business and market you serve, (b) see the commercial viability of your company and (c) respect you and your business as an investment.

About Greg Newton

Greg Newton - Business Plan Writer

Greg Newton - Business Plan Writer

Greg Newton is a business plan writer of 8 years. I work with companies all over Canada and the US. Each month I help local start-up business successfully land funding for needed equipment, property, inventory, working capital and other start-up costs to get their business off the ground. I also help growing companies expand to new locations and grow operations to new markets with needed funding from banks, investors or BDC.


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“Do I Even Need a Business Plan Writer?”

Yes and no. If you have time and sufficient skills in areas like financial pro-forma projections, market analysis and can present a full analysis of your business, its market potential and key risks you face as a company, then you can successfully meet the business plan requirements of your lending organization. However, most business owners are specialists in their business – not in writing plans – and choose my services to make sure the funding stage is successful.


The Power of a Professional Plan

Each week, business loan managers receive poorly-written business plans that disqualify these businesses from receiving lending. Which makes sense – a loan manager must justify their choice in selecting your business for funding, and their job is to maximize investment return while minimizing risk. A poorly written plan simply represents too much of a risk. By contrast, a professionally-written plan will always stand out from the pack, command respect, and be an attractive funding prospect.


The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Business Plan Writer

Learn What Areas Need to Be Changed or Improved

A good business plan professional will tell you in the first consultation whether your business idea has good chance of receiving funding or not. They will also show you what business choices should be changed or modified in order to maximize your chances of receiving funding. Not only do I help business by writing the full plan, but I also help improve your business concept through consultation along the way.


Your Business is Seen Objectively

Most of my clients are deeply immersed in all the intricate details of their business – with all the complexities, customers, features or benefits they’re involved with. As a result, when writing a business plan can be difficult to know which areas to focus on, and which to omit. Many clients tend to over emphasize areas important to them, but not the loan manager. Or they spend too little time on areas most important to funding attractiveness.


Devote More Time to Your Business

Business plan writing requires a massive time investment – which takes a lot of time away from your busy schedule and the multitude of tasks involved with a business start-up. Outsourcing can save you a lot of time and headache, by putting the task in the hands of trained writer to focus on writing the plan. A business plan professional can also complete a plan in a much shorter time than the typical business owner, meeting your deadline successfully.


Who Am I? Vancouver Business Plan Writer with 8 Years’ Industry Experience

As a BCIT-trained business plan writing specialist, I help companies by putting together compelling, comprehensive plans to achieve your financial goals – whether to land a BDC loan or get investor funding. I have over 8 years’ experience as a freelance business plan professional, working with lending requirements for banks, BDC and PNP immigration for local SME Vancouver businesses.


What Does Each Business Plan Contain?

I offer 3 different business plan packages which vary in detail. That being said, all plans include the following key areas:

  • In-depth market research analysis

  • 3-year pro-forma financial projections

  • Competitive analysis, Market Analysis, SWOT analysis

  • Built-in Marketing Plan

  • Company Operations, Business Description, Staffing

  • Full product/service description

… Everything required for your plan. As a local Vancouver business plan writer I specialize in writing a detailed, compelling plan that builds trust and interest in the reader’s eyes.



The cost for a professional business plan is between $1,900-3,900. Choose between 3 different plan options, depending on your unique needs.

How long to plans take to write?

Most plans take between 2-4 weeks, depending on the complexity of your business. However, I often work with clients in the case you have a strict deadline or need a fast turnaround time.


Past Clients & Industries

Over the years I’ve worked with major publicly-traded sports brands, the top design-build company in Vancouver and leading snack manufacturers in Canada. I’ve also helped a large number of local Vancouver businesses including:

  • Restaurants - Full seating restaurants, gelato shops, bars, café shops, food trucks.

  • Children Daycare / Indoor Playgrounds - local daycare business, indoor play areas.

  • Hair / Beauty Styling – Hair salons, nail bars, beauty salons.

  • Apps & Gaming – Gaming apps, educational apps, start-up gaming software.

  • Accounting / Brokerage Firms – Accounting/bookkeeping firms, financial brokerage, real estate agents.

  • Retail Stores – Outdoor, pet, etc.

  • Industrial fabrication – B2B industrial sheet metal fabrication and related sub industries.

  • And more.

For companies both large and small, the objective is always to the same – to describe the essence of your business and all its areas, while showcasing your strengths, market, commercial viability and ultimately reach your funding objectives.

What Clients Are Saying

Jamie Testimonial.jpg

“I can’t thank you enough for all of your hard work from my business plan to my website and the outcome you gave me was beyond my expectation. Greg you have the WOW factor and I am so glad I found you! I look forward to working with you in the future as my business grows.”

- Jamie Sutter, Owner


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